September 2016 – Comparing

Comparing … this never gets old, so what do we do about it?

Sometimes I ask myself what the heck is wrong with us? We constantly compare ourselves, almost every day, with almost everyone, and even with ourselves almost all the time. Others have the newest smart phone, nicer dresses, a bigger house, a more expensive car, a slimmer figure. In yoga others are more flexible, stronger, much longer in a pose and so on.

And we are being way too hard on ourselves when it comes to comparing our own successes especially in yoga. Once we were able to get much deeper in a split, or stronger in a crow pose, longer in a warrior or more stable in a balance pose. Or even worse, we get better and this is getting way too much into our heads. We’re suddenly so proud and the ego is growing.

We often forget that every person around us has another story, another path in life. The person next to us in yoga class may have had injuries or other tragic circumstance in their life lately. The person in front of us may have been a dancer as a child or may have just finished a marathon training. They are smaller, bigger, older, younger, heavier, lighter. Their bones might be heavy or fragile. They may have had a sleepless night the day before because of worries in jobs or a family member being sick. I could go on and on about the things that are different in our lives, what I’m meaning to tell is we are all so unique, so lets aknowledge this and accept it. We are not like yesterday as well as we are not another person. Comparing doesn’t make any sense at all.

So how do we stay motivated without being too comparative but still wanting to move somewhere?

It is not easy but it’s doable. We need to move forward because standing still is not an option either. There can be a healthy way of comparing your life and your success to move further. Stop judging but celebrate the little steps, even something what might feel like stepping backwards can be a success if you accept it as progress. Take the stuff around you as an inspiration rather then comparing. Also there is nothing wrong with admiring others progress and be proud with them together.

Don’t forget: you are good enough, you have enough and no one needs to validate this than you with a healthy perspective. Practice gratitude, start with loving yourself and tell yourself why you are so great, so awesome, so special, so perfect. Make someone else smile, be happy for another person and celebrate the happiness around yourself because you are a part of it.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating our similarities like the love of yoga without forgetting our wonderful uniqueness. Like everything in life it is all about balance.


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