July 2015 – Why yoga is good for you

Why yoga is good for you

you either do it or you may have heard it … yoga is good for you. I’m so stoked, because in May I attended a power yoga teacher training with Bryan Kest, one of the things from my list I planned on doing this year, one step closer to becoming a yoga teacher. But those of you who know more about yoga or are teachers by them self you know it’s a life long commitment of learning and experiencing. So I’m not there yet but closer than yesterday. Read more and maybe go out and try it for yourself.


Yoga – it is so much more

The good thing is you don’t need to do a handstand or any acrobatic moves, there are so many ways of practicing yoga … read why yoga is so great for you.• yoga makes you happy

Yoga is a holistic way of life. It changes you, but in a good way. You will learn to be more patient and aware of the things around you, it will give you peace of mind, happiness and satisfaction.

• yoga makes you lighter

One thing you never can get away from is the power of gravity. If you either sit or walk during the day doing your job, your body is getting compressed by the gravity. From what we’ve learned in school we know that dense objects are heavier. By stretching your body, bones and joints you will feel taller, lighter and better.

• yoga makes you stronger

You may not think about it now but when you’re getting older you want to be independent and have healthy body for things like carrying your groceries, picking up your grand children, tying your own show laces. Strength is not about lifting a handle bar. The physical exercise in yoga is only part of the whole yoga philosophy but it’s important to train all parts of your body equally so you can be fit until a higher age. You can train your spine, neck, hips, joints, back, abs just everything.

• yoga gives you energy

Training your muscles also stimulates your nervous system and you will gain energy. Breathing consciously will fight lethargy and tiredness, gives you vitality, freshness and just a lot of oxygen starting from the toes all the way up to your brain.

• yoga gives you balance

The more you are balanced in life the better you will feel and the better you will be able to do balance postures in your physical yoga practice. Balance will give you more consciousness. Just imagine this feeling being calm and smiling, being happy in the here and now, nothing making you angry or freaking out. Being balanced will automatically give you a better posture, you will shine!

I could go on and on, just thinking about my next yoga lesson makes me smile. But I hope you see the point where I am going with this. Yoga is lifestyle which will change you, and since the only constant thing is change you don’t want to be standing in the same place while everybody around you is moving forward. The feeling of improvement and advancement in a mental way as well as in a physical way is one of the most rewarding in life.

om shanti

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-29 um 18.19.57

fast • fresh • raw • ice cream

• 1 cup of a non frozen fruit like bananas, mango, strawberries, raspberries, pears and so on, anything soft you love goes

• 1.5 cups of frozen bananas (cut them into small pieces before freezing)

take the bananas out of the freezer about 10-15 minutes before you want the ice cream, use a high speed blender, start with the non frozen fruits first, blend them, them slowly add the frozen pieces until the ice cream gets thicker.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-29 um 18.20.13

enjoy immediately!


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