April 2015


Hopefully you are experiencing spring as well as we do here in Switzerland. The sun is not so shy anymore, we can go out and breath fresh air into our lungs.

As it happens around this time of the year you probably hear more about cleansing and detoxing. So I decided to give you just a few suggestions for more enjoying the spring time.


Spring is all about cleansing, but besides caring for your body why not cleanse your home a bit? Cleaning out the things that only take up extra space and freshening up everything else can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. Donate books, clothes and other items that belong to a past you may no longer need in your life.


Digestion initially begins in the mouth. As you start to chew your food, digestive enzymes found in saliva begin to break it down, preparing for nutrient absorption. It’s important to chew your food thoroughly to achieve maximum absorption of all your vitamins and minerals.


The popularity of Green tea as a detoxifying tea is mainly due to its high polyphenol content. Polyphenols go after free radicals in the body that cause damage contributing to the aging process and putting us at risk of disease. Drink one every other morning instead of coffee at least once in a while.


Without food you can live for weeks, without water you can live for days, without air you can live for seconds. Do not underestimate that air is one of the most important nutrients. Now is the time to get out, oxygen provides energy for breathing, growth, maintenance and detoxification.

And guess how much more oxygen you can get into your body if you exercise outside!


We all need time to calm down, relax and let go. There are guided meditations where you can experiment if this works for you. Another way of calming down is if you find an activity that lets you forget everything around you like any kind of exercising but also gardening or like for me cooking. When I am experimenting in the kitchen I forget the world around me, it has a kind of meditative effect on me and makes me dalm down a lot. Give it a try!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-29 um 18.09.39
Melon Smoothie

1.5 cup Galia or Water Melon
1 Grapefruit
Juice of 1 Lime

Remove peel and seeds from the melon, peel the grapefruit (or fillet it) and blend this with the lime juice and
1 cup of water.
Optional you can stir in some cayenne pepper, cinnamon or nutmeg afterwards, YUMMIE!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-29 um 18.10.06
Coconut Yoghurt

1 cup Coconut Meat
1/2 cup Coconut Water
1 pinch of sea salt

Opening a young coconut is not science (check youtube), once you taste the delicious inside, you may want to try.
Blend the ingredients in a high speed blender and let it cool in the fridge. Add seasonal fruits for a great breakfast.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-29 um 18.09.55

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-29 um 18.13.44

Meine liebe Freundin Alex, praktizierende Yogalehrerin und ich werden im August ein ganz besonderes Retreat veranstalten. Wir freuen uns schon riesig auf diese Erfahrung, vielleicht mit einem von Euch.

Bei Alex werdet Ihr sowohl eine tolle Praxis von Yoga Asanas, Yoga Nidra Tiefenentspannung als auch in Meditationstechniken erfahren, während ich mich um das ganz gesunde leibliche Wohl aller Teilnehmer kümmere.

Bei uns gibt es ganz viele leckere vegane Köstlichkeiten und passend zum Sommer werde ich Euch mit ein paar ganz besonderen Rohkost-Spezialitäten überraschen. An einem Abend gibt es von Alex ein ayurvedisches Dinner.

Das ganze findet in idyllischer Umgebung in Reiden in der Nähe von Luzern statt.

Mehr Infos über Alex gibt es hier.

Informationen zur Anmeldung zum Retreat findest Du hier.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-29 um 18.14.09  Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-29 um 18.15.38


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