November 2014

focus, unfocus, focus, unfocus … just keep going!

I am sure it happened to you too before … but over the last weeks I totally lost my focus, I wasn’t pretty much in the mood to do anything. It takes a lot to get out of a state like that and here I would like to show you some things to consider when losing focus and how to gain it back without stressing yourself too much.

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Steps To Help You Focus Anytime, Anywhere

How do we maintain our focus? We have various levels of concentration. Some people can do many things at once without sacrificing accuracy, while others need to give 100% of their attention just to finish a single task. None is better than the other. Try this:

Discover • Find out what distracts you the most? Now observe and take a deep breath, then think of ways to block out. Give yourself a certain time to concentrate, every time window will bring you a step closer to where you want to be.

Accept • Distractions can make life interesting and awesome, at least in some way. Taking it with an open minded approach will make it easier to first accept and then continue with your objective. But as for very noisy distractions like the neighbor playing a loud instrument or construction work, you’d be better off with earplugs.

Break it down to basics • Breaking your task into details can make you accomplish baby step after baby step. Concentrating on small steps will still bring you to your desired result. Just continue and ignore the distractions by seeing the small results.

Remember, focus is unique for every person. What you can do, however, is know yourself better than anyone, so you can easily identify your limits and how you can manage all the distractions that may be hindering your progress in achieving a goal. If you can do that, you’ll be well on your way to maintaining your focus and creating a better you.

Why You Should ‘Unfocus’

Often we stop and seem to lose focus, or you can simply call it “unfocus”. It is not the end of the world. You can use the time to do this:

Reflect – it is important to let go from time to time to look back, past feelings can drive us forward if we take a moment to analyze and learn. Understand you only came so far because of past decisions, be grateful for them.

Relax – when you unfocus it is actually the easiest way to meditate, because there you need to focus on exactly nothing. You will be open to nothing … just enjoy this feeling.

Rejuvenate – Constant focus can cause constant stress. If you don’t let go you will never be done, there will always be something else to be done. Instead give your body some time to rest and recharge. The better you feel afterwards when you need the focus again at some point.


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