January 2015

about failing and growing … and to make 2015 a good year!

People tend to overdo it. Usually people give up going to fitness studios around January 18th. Are you one of them? You better take it easy and think about what you want, not for just one year but maybe set some goals for the next years and even for the rest of your life.
Also notice some things may need constant work, like eating healthy, working out and having great relationships not only with your partner but with family, friends and co-workers. Consistency counts and it‘s worth it!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-27 um 21.14.27

List all the things you would like to accomplish this year.
Take small steps or dream big.
But do something!

Here is my list so far:

  • I am hosting a chocolate workshop in one month, for those far away: sorry! it’s going to take place in Switzerland, check it out HERE!
  • I will continue working on the online platform where I can present my chocolate making course until the end of February (STAY TUNED!)
  • I will enroll in two or three online cooking courses to learn more about raw food
  • I will host a yoga – nutrition retreat this summer together with a friend, mine will be the nutrition-part (this will also happen in Switzerland)
  • I will attend a one week power yoga training in May
  • I am going to run a half marathon in May which means lots of training until then
  • I am going to Hawaii in the end of the year to do a yoga teacher training

When reading my list it may sound a lot, also I know I can totally do it, but I have to stick to it. And I will.
And so will you. I will try as best as possible to give you my support, you can either just read my newsletters thoroughly or book a free consultation with me here.
Just remember: go with your own pace, dont be to hard on yourself, but keep going.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-27 um 21.16.39

Failing and Growing

So what do you do if the new year didnt start out as you wished, what if you failed at something over the last year? Failure happens to the best of us, that is a fact, now make the best out of it, because there are always possibilities. Not even the most brilliant businesswoman or talented athlete gets everything right.

Remember : you are not a failure, things fail but other things go well or even great. Dont put too much importance on the why and the what if’s but start from here. Of course take some time to reflect, but dont judge yourself too hard.

Also keep in mind that everything valuable takes time. Give yourself some time to feel the emotions of dissapointment, regret, anger and so on.

Here is what you can take out of Failure:

  • failure makes us smarter – it allows us to learn valuable lessons that provide us with insights and experience so we can avoid making the same, or bigger, mistakes in the future.
  • failure helps us take risks – When we recover from failure, we learn it isn’t so scary. This makes us more comfortable in taking risks.
  • failure makes us grateful – If we could easily achieve everything we put our minds to, our achievements and successes would become commonplace and meaningless. When we have to work hard to get what we want, however, we gain a deeper appreciation for our achievements.
  • failure boosts confidence – When we work through failure in order to succeed, we realize that we have the ability to overcome challenges. That realization builds a sense of confidence that helps us persevere and accomplish what we set out to, and to take on future challenges more easily.

To grow from failure, you have to figure out what you did wrong so you don’t do it again.You can make a list in your head or a wall chart, whatever you feel comfortable with. That list should provide you an objective way of looking at situations and what needs to be done. As you plan further goals, you can proactively identify and work harder on the parts that lie within your control.

When we grow, we learn lessons from the past and move toward a better future. True growth depends on a strong self-awareness, and this means acknowledging the good with the bad, strengths as well as weaknesses, and accomplishments as well as the failures.

Yet, many of us tend to shy away from the negative. It’s human nature. However, some of the most important lessons to be learned are through our perceived negative experiences. Failure, in particular, is one experience we desperately avoid. Although our accomplishments drive us toward success, failure can be highly instrumental in our ability to succeed.

If you’re working towards a goal, or trying to change something in your life, expect a bit of failure along the way. Embrace your failure as part of the process, and learn from it. This makes the act of failing much less painful or discouraging, and allows you to grow and become your very best.



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