April 2015

SPRING CLEANING Hopefully you are experiencing spring as well as we do here in Switzerland. The sun is not so shy anymore, we can go out and breath fresh air into our lungs. As it happens around this time of the year you probably hear more about cleansing and detoxing. So I decided to give you … More April 2015

February 2015

5 ways to enjoy the last cold days Every season has its pros and cons and so it’s in the winter time. Read my suggestions below to make the current season the best and make it count what you do to feel awesome, to be the best version of yourself. I for myself just read more during the cold … More February 2015

January 2015

about failing and growing … and to make 2015 a good year! People tend to overdo it. Usually people give up going to fitness studios around January 18th. Are you one of them? You better take it easy and think about what you want, not for just one year but maybe set some goals for … More January 2015

November 2014

focus, unfocus, focus, unfocus … just keep going! I am sure it happened to you too before … but over the last weeks I totally lost my focus, I wasn’t pretty much in the mood to do anything. It takes a lot to get out of a state like that and here I would like … More November 2014

September 2014

organic or not … that shouldn’t be much of a question! I want to talk about eating organic with you. Do you ever consider eating more organic? Do you wonder what it is all about? Is it just a hype? And what about all the drama you hear in the news? So often you hear … More September 2014

August 2014

sleep – read why it is more important than you may think Sleep requires us to be in a deep state of relaxation, which is not easily attainable – try to get started with some of the following suggestions and see where you feel comfortable with, take one step at a time towards better sleep … More August 2014

June 2014

chocolate doesn’t ask questions, chocolate understands Last month was all about chocolate, well at least for me. I hosted my very first Raw Chocolate Workshop. And when I did I had so much fun, my guests were amazing, we had great talks about food and life, we prepared almost everything together, there was a great … More June 2014